Thanks Hans, Karina and Per-Erik for a splendid day on the lake!
We managed to sail the longest distance within 6 hours and ended up on 3rd position on calculation. Regarding the wind shifts and considering that we was not able to use the gennaker even once I Think this is a very good result!

See our track on RaceQS.
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..and not too much wind..20170529_104319

RaceQS – CUP 2


Open and X

…getting prepared for sailing season


MOSK autumn CUP 4

Now the last club race is done.
Milligor was 1st to cross the finish line ans 1st on SRS calculation in our class.
Thanks Hans and Per-Erik for good handling of the 150 m2 gennaker!

RaceQS track


Pleasure time

Milligor2 Milligor3 Milligor7

Second CUP race done

Yesterdays race was done by me, Hans and Per-Erik. We managed to have a good start and was in the lead from beginning to the end followed by Peter Danielssons Wasa 55 Simone. We ended up as 4:th boat on SRS calculation.

Thank you Hans and Per-Erik for job well done!